May 27, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Where anyone can be a star.

In order to be a star, you need an entourage. A horde of people to track your every move, to document every smirk that crosses your face, to cheer you on and boost your already above-average ego.

How to do that in the virtual world, when everyone is busy with their own lives?

Or, if not busy with their own lives, then at the very least on the other side of a technological device and thus not available to follow you around for all of your major public appearances?

Try #followback!

Better yet, follow the page #Teamfollowback. When you follow the page Teamfollowback, they will help you to get more people following you while you are following their page, and then you can follow the people who are following you.

At which point we’re all walking around in circles because everyone is following and no one is quite sure at all who is doing the leading.

But that doesn’t matter, because you now have tens of thousands of followers that read your latest tweet about that amazing ham sandwich that you had for lunch.

It came with pickles! Smiley face!

One of the recent posts from Teamfollowback: “Retweet Only If You Want New 100+ Followers … #FollowBack…”.

One hundred plus?
I don’t know if I could handle performing in front of that many people. Think of the stage fright, the anxiety. I honestly don’t think that I need that big of an audience reading my profound and insightful tweets every day. There are only so many people that need to know the exact shade of lilac purple on my bathroom walls. I don’t tweet things to just anyone. Mine is a selective group of one thousand, thank you very much.

I don’t need any more rabid fans clamoring to know what I had for dinner. I’m good, thanks.

So, what do you think ?