May 24, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

I thought at first that this was a movie reference. I love most all of the incarnations of Dracula, and as a die hard fan should, I have even viewed nearly all of Blacula. I mean, why not? So here I am thinking that this will all lead back to Bram Stoker and old classic movies and things that were vampire stories before vampires went all sparkly.

Wrong. All wrong.

Apparently this hashtag is about a television show. As soon as I saw that first tweet I felt like an idiot. Then I felt old.

I’d missed the memo, and mistook this for something pertaining to my youth and my generation’s collective history because at first it appealed to a genre that I have always been interested in.

(I remember my parents doing that.)

At least I wasn’t too far off the mark. It is still a theatrical production that is recorded and shared with the masses. Now that I know it exists, I really want to watch it.

Swiftly on the heels of this excitement of “There’s a new show about Dracula? I am so down to watch that!” is disappointment.
The hashtag isn’t savedracula for no apparent reason.

NBC cancelled the show.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of my enthusiasm being drained away like a deflating balloon.

But wait! There’s voting to be done? This is a real thing, in real time, right now in the really real world?

I can vote to savedracula?

I can help to bring the show back?


Count me absolutely in. I would love to watch this show, and looking at the tweets I know that I am not alone.

Save Dracula posts: “Proud of you #DracPack we are almost 30,000 votes ahead of 2nd place Revolution…” on May 18th.

I don’t know what that means. However, it sounds like progress so I will regard this as winning.

So, what do you think ?