June 1, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

I think that my favorite is the post from Dave Remix: “Got # Jackie Wilson on my ipod! # statueofliberty # higher&higher # ghostbusters #nyc”.

The Ghostbusters! Do you remember those guys?

I do.

That’s one of those classic movies that doesn’t matter where it is in the plot when I run across it on television, I will watch it from any point. Even the last five minutes. It’s so great!

Both of them, I should say, because one of Dave Remix’s hashtags is quite incorrect. Or incomplete, rather. The part that he refers to with the statue of liberty and the pink slime getting happy from that Jackie Wilson song is actually in Ghostbusters II.

Which brings me to my next point: the song played in Ghostbusters II that got the slime all happy wasn’t actually performed by Jackie Wilson. They include the original version of the song on the soundtrack, but the song that they use in the movie is actually Howard Huntsberry’s cover of the song ‘Higher & Higher’.

This leads directly to my next point of address: do your homework!!

It took me approximately two minutes (and some basic fundamental knowledge of the movie, granted) to fact check these things before I wrote them down for your further education in random trivia. I know that it was just a tweet, nothing really significant, but it’s popular enough that when I type in “#nyc”, the words written by Dave Remix come up on the list of trending hashtags.

So how many millions of people now incorrectly assume that the version we hear in the movie is the late great Jackie Wilson?
Will they even care?

Maybe this will inspire them to look him up and perhaps even listen to his music. This could have the opposite of an adverse effect.
So, ladies and gents, fact check before you post things!

Knowledge is power!

So, what do you think ?