Get The Most Out Of Twitter By Using Twitter Lists

February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Twitter Tips

Using Twitter is very easy, but many don’t understand some of the great, and less known features of the micro blogging website that can help people maximize their experience.

One of the biggest issues I have run into in the Social Media world is, how do I find and utilize people on these networks that are the most relevant and interesting to me? Well, on Twitter, a great tool to use is the Twitter Lists feature.

If using Twitter for a business, this feature will come in handy for finding influencers or other professionals in an industry. This is important for many reasons including:

  1. Networking
  2. Sharing content
  3. Gaining a bigger following
  4. Connecting with potential and current customers
  5. Long term partnerships and relationships

If using Twitter for personal use, I recommend creating lists to separate some of the important circles of people. For example you might have lists for followers like this:

  • Friends and family
  • Inspirational tweeters
  • Tweeters in your area
  • Tweeters you want to follow more/less frequently

By using the lists feature, I would be able to filter my Twitter stream to get customized information for my interests. If I didn’t use this Twitter feature, I will get feeds from everyone I follow, even if I don’t want to see it in my stream. A good best practice I’ve found is to create several lists and categorize them like the example above. That way, when logging into Twitter account, I can check into one or multiple lists depending on what interests me that day. It really cuts down on the time spent on the site too.

Another thing I have found useful is to look at and follow other user’s Twitter lists to avoid the time it take to create my own. It’s easy for an individual like myself or a business to check out different influential and interesting users that they follow, and view those people’s lists.

I always like to tell people to keep one thing in mind when they are curating a list or looking for other lists to follow. And that is to always remember what their own personal or business goals are for using Twitter. By not knowing what their specific goal is for finding the right types of information and people can seriously effect their experience and success on Twitter.

One other less known thing about Twitter lists that I have found is: Not only can I follow users, but I can also follow ONLY their tweets if I wanted. That’s one thing about lists that isn’t quite as obvious, but very useful.

So, how would someone go about curating a list in Twitter? Here is a simple outline of how to create a list in Twitter.

First: Create the list- Login to Twitter, click the icon shaped like a gear. This icon will be located in top right navigation bar. From there, select Lists. Click the button that says “Create List” and make sure to save.

Second: Add Members to the list: Click on the icon next to the “Follow” button and select to add or remove the user.

So, what do you think ?