June 24, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

When you own your own business or have a marketable product, service, or talent, you will find that you are constantly promoting yourself. You will subject drop whatever it is that you do into a conversation. Or nonchalantly (if you’ve mastered the fine art of sales) steer the dialogue into an arena where your forte is bound to come up naturally.

While you’re at it, you may as well talk up your business and sell your wares via twitter.

Why not? Everyone else is doing it!

Beautiful Pictures posts: “Turkey beach at sunset. #photography #bizitalk … #advertising”.

Sometimes others advertise on behalf of the company. Word of mouth is always nice.

Tweeter missalexvk writes: “#miltonkeynes always have #funny #advertising #signs!”

Or perhaps the people posting are wanting to inform and educate you about advertising.

Boutique Closet tweets: “#advertising #branding … Fashioning Cool: How Gap Bounced Back…”.
Fuel Interactive: “These amusing ads may seem like a blatant waste of money – but that was the point. Read more here…”

In an intriguing blend of the two previously mentioned angles, some people are looking to get you to help them to help you.

Such as David P Perlmutter: “Want to market your book online? Read My Way!…”
Or MarketingBizOpp: “Promote your biz with #widgets from WidgetQUIK…”

Adomic gets you on the defensive: “Know what your competition is doing from mobile to display #advertising…”

It’s in our faces every hour of every day.

On the television, on social media, in our email, plastered on billboards that we pass by on our way into work.
We simply can’t escape it in our every day lives.

We’re constantly told that we need to do more, need to be more, we just need more more more.

Are you getting tired of that blaring advertising voice getting in your face and telling you how to think for yourself? Would you like to be entertained without feeling like you’re constantly being bombarded and brainwashed?

Pick up a book then.

You’ll get no commercials!

So, what do you think ?