February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #wedding
Weddings. They’re big days, gala events, one year to plan and usually one to two days in taking place. A wedding is a big deal. They are celebrations that will be talked about for months after the party happens. Especially when somebody makes a drunken fool of themselves (and you know that there are at least three people invited that house this potential).

A wedding is a great time. We love being invited, even though we don’t necessarily like dressing up. It is, however, far better to dress up for a wedding than a funeral. You get to see the people closest to you if your kin is tying the knot, and if you’re going to the wedding of a friend then you get to sit back and watch the spectacle.

Almost every little girl dreams about her own wedding. Some little boys do too; really, it depends on the individual and their memories regarding the reception(s) that they attended during their formative years. But mostly it’s the girls that dream and plan from a young age.

Which is why it’s no surprise that it’s mainly women and girls in the top tier for tweeting about weddings.

Four women using the hashtag “#wedding” tweet about wedding fashion: hairstyles, boutonnieres, and “wedding white” at the Golden Globes (I gather that the debate is whether it looked best on JLo or Rachel Weisz.)

Five industrious folks are using twitter for business adverts, slinging photography sessions, wedding clothes and hotel rooms. That’s thinking. There is much money to be made when you get in on weddings; there’s a lot to be done, and toward the mid to end stages of planning and getting the ball rolling, the bride and groom are more likely to give the green light to more things, just to get them done and over with. Whatever makes the process easier at that point, I’m sure.

Weddings. Get in on the conversation.

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