February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #sunrise
My favorite hashtag thus far. Those who truly love art and subsequently color arrangement and usually things found in nature tend to take spectacular photographs.

There is nearly no better subject for a perfect picture than the grand skyline. Particularly in the early morning and early evening hours. Sunrise pictures tend to be epically astounding. Simply looking at the current info for the hashtag #sunrise does not allow the viewing of the specific sunrise that these tweeters are going on about. However, the descriptions that can be read do evoke images and memories of sunrises that I myself have had the honor of witnessing. In this way, a tweet without a picture is still worth one thousand words in a single sentence.

As long as one has not been roused from their bed kicking and screaming for an entire pot of coffee and can actually enjoy (at least part) of the process of waking up, a sunrise is truly a wondrous event to behold. The sky has been painted and bathed in the most amazing warm shades and we get to watch them unfold, blending and collapsing into each other to set the stage for the day. It would seem that those taking a moment to share an image with us from their experience and pausing long enough to impart their thoughts on the process of the passage of time feel the same way.

“I could never get tired of this place.”

“This morning was beautiful.”

A few describing their photogenic experience as simply “Beautiful.”

Sometimes, it feels like all things in nature take a backseat to technological advances in a digital age.

This is not one of those times. Right now, at this moment and in this conversation thread we are brought back to nature and tied to each other for just a few seconds out of the day. Being reminded what it is like to be a small human in a great big universe.

So, what do you think ?