No fighting

February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #nofighting
This is not a highly trending hashtag at the moment. In fact, it’s been steadily not used and sitting at a rate of an average of zero tweets per hour since noon yesterday.

What conclusion might we draw from this data?

Perhaps we can conclude that people fight and like fighting so that they don’t feel the need to tweet about not getting into fights.

Maybe those witnessing said fights don’t want to twitter about it because they also like fights.

It could be that everyone is adhering to the first and second rules of Fight Club and are thereby sworn to secrecy with regard to fighting, or even the lack thereof.

The reasoning behind this could not possibly be that there is no fighting to be seen in the world today. With the newspapers and nightly newscasts come stories of mass hysteria, shootings, riots, hatred and escalating misunderstandings. The world, sadly, is rife with fighting.

We can also rule out the notion that people are seeing fights and simply decline to announce it to the world along with their running commentary. Indeed, it is odd that people are not proclaiming their pacifist natures in a passive aggressive way by whining about fighting via tweets instead of (gasp!) doing something to change the events unfolding before them.

There are a few statements made by those choosing to utilize this vastly unpopular tag.

Sara says that “we’re just rational people…love it”.

All that Molly has to add to the viral feed is “whoa”.

The third tweet on this lonely conversation feed is by far my favorite. I almost LOLed for real.

“Silly bettakarp, it’s just your reflection”.

That is great. Spectacular, even. Might have even made my day a little bit brighter. Thank you, Lotus&Lyn, for that stellar insight and anecdote. Seriously. The best moments of inspiration and total clarity tend to come from the seemingly mundane.

So, what do you think ?