No Drama

February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #nodrama
Looking at the analytic graph of estimated tweets per hour, no drama happens between the hours of six p.m. and four a.m..

Conversely, perhaps most of the drama happens then and people are in the midst of it, unable to twitter about it and let the world in on their personal business. I highly doubt that. People on the whole tend to let the multiverse in on other people’s goings-on as they are occurring in real time. Most prefer to be the first to air the dirty laundry of others on the platform, elseways they look like they’re copying someone else’s tweet.

So, nothing much going on until about seven (spike in activity!), and then another little lull until around eleven in the morning (spike!). Then dwindling back down under ten nodrama tweets per hour as the afternoon wears on. Back up to about forty an hour around three in the afternoon. (I wonder where most of these tweets come from, then? Hang on, I have to get my math book from my locker….)

Now let us examine the uses of the tag “nodrama”.

Some people mean exactly that: there is no drama. One kid deleted their facebook account and subsequently found themselves with an abundant lack of drama. Kensley keeps her life on the DL. This seems to be working well for her so far.

Others are wishing for a life without drama. Becca wants her best guy pal back. Tiffany wants to be with someone who hasn’t yet met her friends. (Maybe she also needs new friends? And needs to examine her approach at relationships on the whole. I suspect “yes” to both.) Kaden wants a more peaceful high school. Yeah, so does eighty-five percent of the continental United States. Get on that, dude. Change starts with you.

Sherry wants to know if you continuously create drama when things are calm.

And Slim Slady is taking Nick and Seth to the prom. Apparently they don’t need girls.

So, what do you think ?