Just Friends

February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #justfriends

Upon searching for the particular hashtag #justfriends, one comes across a question.

“What happens when you livetweet a talk named ‘Just Friends’ under the hashtag #justfriends.”

(That period is not my grammatical error; they neglected to utilize a question mark at the end of that query.)

Let us ponder possible answers to that poorly edited question.

First part: What happens when you live-tweet a talk?

I do not twitter myself, and therefore am not exactly sure what would happen during a “livetweet”. I am, however, aware that live-tweeting is a way to attract more followers on twitter and also let your new loyal following know that you have a unique voice and opinion within the twitter domain. You can post a topic of discussion and then let others run with it, chiming in as you see fit. General guidelines dictate that tweeting once per minute is overbearing, but putting in your two cents only twice an hour will get your opinion lost in the conversation.

Part two: Live-tweet a talk named “Just Friends” under the hashtag “#justfriends”?

Of course you’ll name it “just friends” and hashtag it as such. That is common sense.

What will happen is this: you will post your topic of discussion as being “Just Friends”. If you post no other guidelines than this, then you will get a number of people from all walks of life discussing their relationship woes. It could be girls who are sick of guys trying to be more than just friends, or vice versa.

It may be someone who has just been through a break up but still wants to retain friendship status with their ex.

It might be someone who is gay denying their orientation because they are not ready to open up and let the world into their business and are thus denying an attachment to a particular person.

By the look of actual conversational input, it is also a platform for people to spout wisdom and to make declarations from the heart (using an abundance of consonants, IE: “forgivenessssss” and “sorryyyyyy”, so that you know that the writer is sincere).

This is what happens when you open a discussion on the topic of being just friends.

Now tell me, what about #friendswithbenefits?

So, what do you think ?