February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

Hashtag #grown

Quite honestly, this is the most interesting hashtag that I have come across so far.

I look into everything before I commit it to this screen, particularly when I have not enough prior knowledge to the subject at hand. Learning is spectacular, and the best way to learn anything is to ask questions. Could you imagine what the world would be like if no one ever got curious about something? No lunar landing, no books, and forget about the internet.

Alas, I digress. I lead in with a statement about an interesting hashtag. That tag, as you may have already inferred from the title, being #grown.

This little hashtag is used for a number of conversational topics that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

One mother tweets about putting children through high school, watching them attain adult status, and continue on to get married. All in one productive day. (I believe this is either a metaphor or someone has pulled out the home videos. Or she has many sons and daughters, resulting in a multi-generational and extremely busy family unit.)

Two people used this tag for Julio Jones, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. (It looks suspiciously like the same tweet copied and then repeated four times.)

One man simply states how it’s good to be grown. One would tend to agree with this seemingly uncomplicated sentiment, barring a few debatable points. After all, it’s great to not have to go to work and instead color and run amok all day.

And still there is another variant for this tag. Someone made a new track for 2013 called “Jump!”.

What a versatile little critter this #grown has turned out to be. It’s almost like a will o’ the wisp in nature, leading us astray from the initial conversation thread when using the word “grown”.

So, what do you think ?