February 21, 2014, by TweetChan, category Hashtag Channels

ashtag #coffee

With the phenomenon of hashtags taking over popular culture, it is difficult to go about your business without encountering at least a few of these “pound sign then random word or phrase” gems at least once per day.

Trending at the moment is “#coffee”. None too surprising, given the grip that this little brewed cup of sunshine has over the general populous. Everyone loves coffee. Even those who don’t drink the regular cup of java. Some people pay extra for the doctored up stuff (IE: cappuccino, soy latte, extra frothy mocha whatever) and call this coffee. Or #coffee, as it were.

A twenty-four hour trend graph suggests that the exact time that this little tag was at its most used was about eight o’clock this morning. No surprise there; this is when most coffee drinkers are imbibing the bulk of their caffeine. And everyone needs to know about it. They probably tweeted about grabbing their first cup of joe right after they posted a declaration of how awesome their morning shower was.

In second place for the time frame that this tag was at its finest was one in the morning. This may have been the twittering insomniacs, or it could have been those working third shift on their way to the job. Possibly a combination of the two.

That’s right. We as a general population love our legal stimulants. And we love telling the entire world about each and every move we make throughout the day. In a way, if everyone is tweeting about where and when they are drinking their first cup of the day, then it’s kind of like we’re all sitting down to a great big coffee break with all of our friends scattered around the wide world. This is a comforting thought, and makes world peace seem that much closer.


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